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6-Year-Old Friends Unbox the L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

2 ча назад

Discover layers of surprises in this unboxing video with friends Rielyn and Cece! The girls have a special bond – their moms both work together at The Ellen ...

John Cena Becomes a Guidance Counselor for High Schoolers

3 ча назад

John Cena is a wrestler, an actor, and now he's a high school employee. Ellen sent him to a local school to serve as a guidance counselor to help some ...

Dave Matthews Band Rocks with 'Do You Remember'

3 ча назад

Dave Matthews Band took the stage with their song, "Do You Remember," from their latest album, "Come Tomorrow." #DaveMatthewsBand #ComeTomorrow ...

Ellen's 'Relatable' Q&A - Part 2

3 ча назад

Ellen's audience had even more hilarious questions in the second part of her Q&A session for her new Netflix standup special, "Relatable." Brought to you by: ...

Ellen Discovers Her Writer's Secret Obsession

3 ча назад

Ellen checked in with her writer Lauren using the new Facebook Portal, which makes it easier than ever to stay connected to family and friends. Ellen found out ...

Richard Madden's Parents Aren't Happy About His Nude Scenes

3 ча назад

"Bodyguard" star Richard Madden admitted to Ellen his parents are never happy to see his nude scenes - especially when their famous son doesn't warn them ...

An Exclusive Sneak Peek of Ellen's Netflix Special 'Relatable'

3 ча назад

The big day you've been waiting for is almost here - the premiere of Ellen's Netflix special "Relatable"! To get you ready, here's an exclusive sneak peek of the ...

Sam Rockwell Lip Synced to Jeremy Renner's Voice During Karaoke Nights

3 ча назад

Sam Rockwell revealed to Ellen that while he may have great dance moves, he doesn't have a good singing voice, so he used to recruit his pal Jeremy Renner ...

3 ча назад

Ellen recently sent her writer Adam to Michaels to pose as an employee offering free gift wrapping courtesy of Scotch™ Brand. Watch as even more ...

Ellen's 'Relatable' Q&A - Part 1

18 ча назад

For Ellen's new Netflix standup special, "Relatable," she held a few question and answer sessions with her fans while on tour! Brought to you by: Scotch Brand ...

Jennifer Aniston Answers Ellen’s 'Burning Questions'

23 ча назад

Ellen knows a lot about her good friend Jennifer Aniston, but she ended up learning a couple of new things – like what Jennifer likes doing at home while naked, ...

‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Helps Singer Overcome Anxiety, Surprises Him with Ricky Martin!

1 дн назад

In this episode of “Fearless,” host Ashley Graham talks to Ryan Wirtz, who wants to be a singer, but struggles with intense anxiety and stage fright. His mom, who ...

Steve Carell's Most Difficult Acting Challenge Involved High Heels

1 дн назад

Steve Carell chatted about how difficult it was to learn to wear high heels for "Welcome to Marwen." The Oscar nominee also got into the holiday spirit with Ellen ...

Ellen Is Self-Conscious After Her Jimmy Kimmel Appearance

1 дн назад

Ellen recently admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that she likes to drive fast, and has been able to get out of a couple of speeding tickets because of the good she does in ...

Kesha Impresses with 'Here Comes the Change'

1 дн назад

Kesha took the stage with her empowering anthem, "Here Comes the Change," the main song from the upcoming Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic, "On the Basis of ...

Ellen Was Gisele Bündchen's Good Luck Charm for Meeting Tom Brady

1 дн назад

Gisele Bündchen called Ellen her "lucky charm," since the last time she was on the show in 2006, she went on a blind date with her now husband, Tom Brady.

Santa Gets Down in This Holiday in Dance

1 дн назад

From "White Christmas" to "Elf," Ellen took some holiday movies and adding dancing - whether it should be there or not. #TheEllenShow #Dance #Ellen.

A Sneak Peek at 'Ellen's Game of Games Holiday Spectacular'!

1 дн назад

Ellen's brand new "Game of Games Holiday Spectacular" airs December 12th at 8pm on NBC, and she gave everyone a preview of the festive version of "You ...

Santa's Threats Don't Scare This Kid in a Holiday Edition of 'Just Kid Ink'

1 дн назад

In a special holiday edition of her segment "Just Kid Ink," Ellen shared some hilarious letters to Santa from eager kids. #TheEllenShow #Ellen #EllenDeGeneres.

Ellen Helped Rekindle Ashton Kutcher and Dax Shepard's Bromance

2 дн назад

Ellen's co-host for the day, Ashton Kutcher, explained how she had a part in rekindling his friendship with former "Punk'd" co-star Dax Shepard, and how it led to ...

Ellen Only Wants One Thing for Christmas

2 дн назад

Ellen's one wish this holiday season is for peace on Earth, and if you're having a hard time finding peace at your holiday get-togethers, Ellen has the perfect ...