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Khabar : Kazakh news channel: Report on a visit to Kazakhstan Mr. Baghli his motorbike
Biker from Kuwait Abdul Mohsin Al-Baguley overcame 7,5 thous. Km, to visit Kazakhstan and to look at the objects of the Universiade and EXPO. He traveled thousands of kilometers on the bike in the rain, heat and strong winds, according to the TV channel "Khabar 24" Motoputeshestvennik crossed the 9 countries, and first arrived in our country, which have heard a lot and wanted to visit.
"I will never forget the hospitality with which I was greeted in Kazakhstan. Three families who saw me for the first time, gave me shelter and food. This is so touching. Still amazed that many drivers stopped and gave way to me the way and helped in every way. This has not happened to me in the other countries. The only time I was shocked, this is the road from Atyrau to Aktobe. It simply is not there, - Said Abdul Mohsin Al-Bagley.
Abdul by oilman profession. He was 52 years old. He first sat on a motorcycle just 7 years ago. He has much in common with the known Kazakhstan biker Dmitry Petrukhin. Both love to travel, work and both deputies fervently love their homeland.
"I want to call him a patriot, a fellow traveler Petrukhin. It is two in one. He enjoys traveling and is engaged in the promotion of the Universiade-2017 and "EXPO-2017". Probably, it is still respect for our Kazakhstan ", - said Dmitry Petruhin.
Arab traveler had a great desire to visit Kazakhstan, where Dmitry Petruhin in turn came to Kuwait and represented our country. Now Abdul is considering to take part in another project in support of the Universiade and "EXPO".
Unusual environmental rally in European countries for the first time launched from Kazakhstan.
"Our main goal - to achieve such a result to this rally done without a single drop of gasoline. Abdul is going to Astana after a visit which plans to continue the journey as long as it does not overtake winter ", - said the president of the Central Asian Geographic Society Islamdin Samatdin.
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Al-Baghli from Kuwait
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